[Polybius being wrapped up] [Yet another feeding of goop]

The first image shows how to wrap a bunny with a towel. This keeps the rabbit from
running away, while you try desperately to feed him and give him water.

The second image shows how to feed the bunny using a syringe. Don't worry, there
isn't any needle. The syringe is simply used as a way to squeeze food into the
bunny's mouth (a bit at a time). Surprisingly, Polybius actually started to enjoy
the goopy mixture after awhile.

This regimen is to be used in emergency situations only. In Polybius' case, his entire
digestive tract ground to a halt. It was either this, or he would starve to death (or
die of dehydration). Fortunately, he recovered.
Please see the text file "Rabbit Motility Regimen" for more information.