A Greek temple in less than 10 minutes. Yep, this is from a tutorial
that I put together for NewTekniques Magazine (LightWave 6).

This is a still from a spoof on the film Titanic, that was created by a
Calgary-based production studio called Double Vision Productions, Inc.

I built the sub, encrusted beer bottle, bottle cap, and ship in LightWave 3D ver. 5.5 (WJB, 1998).
The night shots utilise 583 lights. Note: We later sold this ship model to O-Entertainment, for
use in the short, "Thumb-tanic."

The short spoof was called Big: True Love Lasts a Lifetime. It was written by K. Bolten,
directed and composited by D. Bolton, and shot by C. Wrobleski.

A shot of the CG sub for the opening sequence. The musical score was composed by A. Harrison.