Years of experimentation and instrument design led to the backbone for the collection of tracks on the Synthetica CDs.
All of the instruments on Synthetica were created by Nebulous, as well as the numerous hooks and melodies.
Synthetica 3 is the official (and final) CD release of the Synthetica material.

The sounds and style of Synthetica form the basis for a collaborative project called Voltage Control.

Nebulous is a member of the SynthPop band Mannequin Depressives.

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.MP3 files from Synthetica III:

Digital Ascension (excerpt).mp3

Synthetica (excerpt).mp3

Robot Requiem (excerpt).mp3

The Angels Fell (excerpt).mp3

Nylon Oxygen (excerpt).mp3

Xenoscape 2 (excerpt).mp3

Newer material (complete recordings):

Nebulous - Acknowledged.mp3

Nebulous - Club Neb.mp3

Nebulous - Temple of ROM.mp3

Nebulous - Come find me.mp3 Nebulous - Come find me (faded).mp3

Nebulous - Day Dreamer.mp3

Nebulous - Interstellar Radio.mp3

Nebulous - Dinochrome.mp3

Nebulous - Interlife.mp3

Nebulous - Some Assembly Required.mp3

Nebulous - Lyra.mp3

Nebulous - Time Signature.mp3

Nebulous - Partheon.mp3

Nebulous - Night Heat.mp3

Nebulous - Heaven's Loop.mp3

Nebulous - Red.mp3

Nebulous - Unity.mp3

Nebulous - Allegiance.mp3

Nebulous - Never one drop of rain.mp3

Nebulous - Full Impact.mp3

Nebulous - Prison of Glass.mp3

Nebulous - We leave at dawn.mp3

Nebulous - In Dreams.mp3

Nebulous - In Dreams (faded).mp3

Nebulous - Here and Gone.mp3

Nebulous - Jundland Wastes.mp3

Nebulous - Bubble Bobble (cover of Amiga version).mp3

Nebulous - Milano.mp3

Nebulous - Milano (drift mix).mp3

Nebulous - Relentless.mp3 Nebulous - Relentless (extended).mp3

Nebulous - Perpetual Motion Machine.mp3

Nebulous - Forbidden Palace (part 1).mp3

Nebulous - Forbidden Palace (part 2).mp3

Nebulous - Another Time, Another Place.mp3

Nebulous - Saturnia.mp3

Nebulous - I Got The Message (Men Without Hats cover).mp3

Nebulous - Extricate.mp3

Nebulous - The Duke.mp3

Nebulous - Vanguard.mp3

Nebulous - Verticem.mp3

Nebulous - Vash's Journey.mp3

Nebulous - Vash's World.mp3

Nebulous - The Other Side.mp3 Nebulous - The Other Side (redux).mp3

Nebulous - Electric Cabaret.mp3 Nebulous - Electric Cabaret (redux).mp3

Nebulous - Otherworld.mp3

Nebulous - Escape of the Robot-Oids.mp3

Nebulous - Inner Sphere.mp3

Nebulous - Years of Rain.mp3

Nebulous - Captain Future (Joan Randall's theme).mp3

Nebulous - Wish for Tomorrow.mp3

Nebulous - Deep 6.mp3

Nebulous - Fem-bot Booty-shaker.mp3

Nebulous - Place of Solace.mp3

Nebulous - Halcyon.mp3

Nebulous - Accelerator.mp3

Nebulous - Zayats.mp3

Nebulous - Cafe '82

Nebulous - Last in Line.mp3

Nebulous - The Acolyte (part I).mp3

Nebulous - The Acolyte (part II).mp3

Nebulous - Zone Tripper.mp3

Nebulous - Approach Vector.mp3

Nebulous - Final Flight.mp3

Nebulous - Trancentral Station.mp3

Nebulous - The Voyage.mp3

Nebulous - Was it something I said?.mp3

Nebulous - High Noon on Regulus 6.mp3

Nebulous - Jupiteria.mp3

Nebulous - End Theme.mp3

Nebulous - Tekkno Robotiko.mp3

Nebulous - Q-Bert Bop.mp3

Nebulous - Classified.mp3

Nebulous - Blue drEAMer.mp3

Nebulous - New York.mp3

Nebulous - Running Man 3000.mp3

Nebulous - (Three Mile Island) Vacation.mp3

Nebulous - Electrobotz.mp3

Nebulous - It's Not That Easy.mp3

Nebulous - Sirius Alpha.mp3

Nebulous - The Last Reignfall.mp3

Nebulous - Tribute to El Greco.mp3

Nebulous - Death Run.mp3

Nebulous - Void.mp3

Sonic Lens and Nebulous - The Berzerkers.mp3

Nebulous - Archive (Part 1).mp3

Nebulous - Archive (Part 2).mp3

Nebulous - City Lights.mp3

Nebulous - Letting Go.mp3

Nebulous - ZX1.mp3

Nebulous - A.R..mp3

Nebulous - Jupiter Beach.mp3

HB-88 (2022 remaster) MP3

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