AMIGA Utilities:

ClickNot - Tired of constant clicking as your Amiga disk drives search for diskettes? Well now you can get rid of that darned clicking and your drives will still find disks automatically. Just add this program to your WBStartup folder and you can have your cake and eat it too. This utility needs Workbench 2.0 or higher.

PC2Amiga.lha - This is a nifty littly beasty, which allows you to connect an Amiga and a PC together using a
25-pin male to male parallel transfer cable. I've had great success with it using AmigaDOS 3.0 and Windows 98. Note: Make sure the DOS window on the PC side is active, otherwise the connection will drop. This utility needs Workbench 2.0 or higher.

TransDisk - This is part of the WinUAE Amiga emulator for the PC. This puppy allows you to make disk images of
Amiga diskettes, for use with the emulator.
transdisk >hd0:diskimages/AmigaDOS.adf
This copies the contents of the disk in df0: into a file called "AmigaDOS.adf".

ADF2Disk - This is also part of the WinUAE Amiga emulator for the PC. With this, you can turn .ADF files into
Amiga diskettes again. See the included text file for more info.
Eg) Insert a formatted DSDD diskette into the Amiga's DF0: drive and type:
ADF2Disk MatrixBlaster.adf
This utility automatically assumes that you want it to re-create the diskette in the first Amiga 3.5" diskette drive.

TransROM - This one allows you to copy the Amiga's ROM into and image file for use with WinUAE.
transrom >df0:Kick.rom
This'll copy the ROM image to the diskette in df0:

Az - text editor - Az rocks! It's old, but cool. A nifty text editor. Another great addition to the 'ol C directory.

DMS - This is the command-line version of DMS.
To squash the disk in df0: into a file and place that file in a hard drive folder called "HoldingArea" type
dms read hd0:holdingarea/filename.dms from df0:
To decrunch "file.dms" back onto an 880K floppy disk in df0:, type
dms write file.dms to df0: low 0 high 79

Hear - Hear is a command-line program for playing audio samples.
For example, you could play a sample called "Shriek" by typing
hear shreik.iff

NTSC - Typing this on the command line will cause a 1MB Fat Agnus-equipped OCS Amiga to switch into NTSC mode.

PAL - Typing this on the command line will cause a 1MB Fat Agnus-equipped OCS Amiga to switch into PAL mode.

VT - This is an image viewer.

AmigaLibraries.lha - This is the c(ommand) directory, fonts folder, and all of my A4000's libraries in one file.
If you get 'missing file' errors when trying to run something, try adding these to your matching AmigaDOS 2.x
or 3.x system folders.

Lha - The files that this archiver creates are compatible with Lharc on the PC.
The following command decrunches a file called crud.lha to the 2nd hard drive and puts the files into a folder called stuff
lha x crud.lha hd1:stuff/

The following crunches the contents of the current folder into a file called Crud.lha
lha -2 -r a crud.lha

Ami CD-ROM drivers - This provides CDROM drive support for Amiga OS 2.x and 3.x. There's a text file on the disk
that outlines the install process. There's a line that you add to the Startup-Sequence file and a file called "CD0" that gets
copied to the DOSDrivers folder inside the DEVS folder.

Amiga PD Games (includes libraries) - Here's a collection of my favorite freeware and shareware games for the Amiga.
Most of these run too fast on an A4000/040, but should be fine on an A1200 and great on A500s and 2000s.
This set is designed to be placed in a folder on a hard drive.
If you get errors regarding missing fonts or other files, take a look at the included library, font, and c directory files in this
archive. If you're using AmigaDOS 2.x or 3.x, you can add the files that you're missing to the matching folders (libs, fonts, c).


PC Utilities:

Irfan View - Possibly the grooviest freeware image viewer ever! It even has a built-in batch converter.

Y-Copy - A nice Windows file copier that allows you to ignore errors (Win 2000, XP, 7, 8, and possibly 10).

BASIC - For those wanting to do some old-skool BASIC programming on their modern PC.

Frag.exe - This goes together with the Unfrag file. Frag is a cool DOS util that allows you to split a file into
smaller pieces. Very useful. Works on massive files too.

Unfrag.exe - Unfrag re-assembles the pieces into the original file again.

Pkzip.exe - This is an old command-line version of Pkzip. I still find it to be quite useful.

Pkunzip.exe - Again, an old command-line version. Try placing this in the Command folder (if running Windows 9x).

7z920.exe - The 32-bit version of 7-Zip for Windows 2000, XP, 7, ....

fz306 - Unarchiver for compressed files with .Lha and .Lzh file extensions for newer PCs. 2000 and XP
compatible, and likely Vista and Win7 as well.

Lha.exe - Lha for the PC. This will allow you to uncompress the Amiga LHA files and maintain long
file names.

95b-Boot.zip - A boot-diskette for Windows 95b. Simply unpack this file and throw the files onto a
formatted / bootable diskette.

98-Boot.zip - And this one is a boot diskette for Win98se. Includes CDROM drivers, FDISK, and deltree.

Winamp.zip - Play MP3s, Amiga Mods, and C64 SID music files (includes the Geiss visualization plugin).

PC2Amiga-Archive.zip - Here's the Zip archive for PC2Amiga. It also includes the Amiga PC2Amiga archive,
and a nifty help file that I put together. This utility makes file transfers between a PC and Amiga super easy.
I've successfully tested this with a Windows 9x PC and an Amiga 4000, running AmigaDOS WB 3.0.
Note: This program also supports long file names between Amiga and PC.

M1-Deckard_Sysex-Utility.zip - This utility allows you to send and receive sounds to/from the Korg M1 music
workstation synth. It works with Windows 95 through Windows 8.1 (and possibly even with Windows 10).

DX7 Librarian.zip - This utility allows you to send and receive sounds to/from the Yamaha DX7
digital FM synthesizer. It works with Windows 98, 2000, XP, and possibly newer.

Q262232.EXE - Once installed on a Windows 98se machine, you'll be able to use 360K 5.25" diskette drives.

DoD.zip - Welcome to the Dungeons of Daggorath for the PC. As you might have guessed, this is not a utility